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  • Rosters
  • Schedule
  • News
  • Merch

Emphasize your professionalism through a powerful website

Website Features

  • Edit the content of your website without writing code
  • Responsive design, perfectly usable on every device
  • 100% handmade, 0% toolkit
  • Powerful hosting and Search Engine Optimization
  • Automated alerts on the site if your team is currently playing

Website Content

  • Landingpage, News and Socials
  • Teams overview with each team having its own subpage
  • Team subpages include roster, schedule and achievements
  • Schedule (overview and separately for each team)
  • About page with management and achievements

Customizable Rosters

Add multiple rosters for multiple games

  • Every roster has its own subpage
  • Subpage shows staff & players, schedule & results, achievements
  • Add socials and a profile picture to staff & players
Rosters page example
Schedule page example

Dynamic Schedule

Keep your community informed about your matches

  • Create matches and assign a roster to it
  • Add results after the match is finished
  • The website automatically shows an alert when you are currently playing which redirects to the livestream


Publish updates

  • Publish roster updates or let people know that you're hiring
  • Every article has its own subpage
  • Structure your articles in sections with individual headlines
News page example

Coming Late 2022

Sell merch over your website

  • Add a fully automated merch shop to your team website
  • 100% your revenue, 0% commission fees
There will also be a 20% discount on the first year of subscription for people who owned a Team Website before the Merchandise plan is released.

What does "Full Service Websites" mean?

Keeping your website content up to date by using our Content Management System is all you have to worry about.
We will take care of all the technical aspects that come with operating a website and make sure it's online 24/7.

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